EMEET OfficeCore M2 Max Dual Way Audio Quality Max Professional Conference Speakerphone

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  • EMEET OfficeCore M2 Professional Speakerphone
  • Conference Speaker for 15 People
  • Business Conference Phone 360° Voice Pickup4 AI Microphones
  • Professional Sound
  • Customize Settings with Ease
  • Intelligent Conferencing Solutions for Various Coverage
  • Versatile Usage for Extreme Flexibility
  • Universal Compatibility for More Choices
  • Plug and Play
  • WARRANTY: (With 01 YEAR Warranty)
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EMEET OfficeCore M2 Max Dual Way Audio Quality Max Professional Speakerphone

  • 360° × 5m Ultra HD Voice Pickup

    4 highly-sensitive directional mics provide up to 5-meter, 360° voice pickup, 48kHz sampling rate ensures exceptional clarity and reality.

  • Smart Voice Tracking and Strengthening

    AI-powered vocal capture and enhancement with luminous ring light precisely denoting the active talker’s direction.

  • Industry-Leading Noise Filtering

    Initiated suspended mic cavity avoids vibration noise from speaker, exclusive DSP algorithm VoiceIA® cancels echo and ambient noise, enabling crystal-clear full-duplex conversation.

  • Professional Sound

    Louder and clearer owing to the 5W expertly tuned speaker for prominent vocals. Anyone hears remote team members loud and clear anywhere in the room.

  • Instant Collaboration

    Various connection methods via USB, USB adapter, Bluetooth and 3.5mm Jack with universal compatibility. Connect and communicate instantly.

  • Increased Flexibility

    Battery and wired/wireless connections for flexible placement. Daisy-chain connection doubles the audio coverage with ease.

Performance Maximized, Productivity Optimized

Top-notch professional speakerphone with 360° voice pickup and positioning with ring light, 48kHz sampling rate, exclusive DSP algorithm VoiceIA®, first-ever suspended microphone cavity design, high-performance speaker and extreme ease of use, ideal for medium to large conference rooms and professional personal workspace.

360° Voice Pickup with Ultra High Definition

4 Ø10mm highly-sensitive directional microphones enable 360° voice pickup, while a top-of-the-class sample rate of 48kHz ensures outstanding clarity and reality, reproducing the in-room voice with ultra-high definition and letting remote team members feel fully immersed in the conversation as if they’re being here with you in person.

Smart Voice Positioning

The smart algorithm detects the active talker’s position and the 360° luminous ring light denotes the exact direction from which the voice comes by lighting up on the corresponding side. Feel free to speak anywhere in the room and easily know whether your voice’s been picked up or not at a glance.

Industry-Leading Noise Filtering

First-ever suspended microphone cavity design unique to the premium series offers superior cushioning and effectively filters out vibration noise caused by the speaker itself and desk vibrations. The exclusive VoiceIA® algorithm, with a specialized button, strengthens the human voice while canceling out echo and ambient noise. Clear out noise in both ways to help you master your meetings without any distractions at all.

Professional Sound

The 5W, 45mm expertly-tuned high-performance speaker with the composite diaphragm highly focuses on the human voice that lies within the middle frequency and is capable of delivering crystal-clear sound-up to 89dB@0.5m, which is ideal for covering the entire conference room thus you can hear every remote teammate’s word anywhere in the room without the need to be crowded around.

Various Connections, Quicker Startup

Connect to your device via USB-C and you’re ready to go, no need to power it on manually, or you can select Bluetooth to connect to 2 devices at a time. Besides, we’ve also got a USB adapter A300 and 3.5mm Jack for you to deal with different situations.

Universal Compatibility for More Choices

Compatible with main operating systems and meeting platforms. Choose the one that you used to or change to another meeting platform as you like, we’re always prepared to meet your needs for different scenarios.

Versatile Usage for Extreme Flexibility

Place M2 Max anywhere you want via a wired plug-and-play or a wireless cable-free connection thanks to the built-in battery and various connection methods. You can also hook up 2 M2 Max via a daisy chain cable to accommodate up to 25 participants.

Customize Settings with Ease

Works with EMEETLINK for PC. Adjust the standby time of the device, change the Bluetooth name or upgrade the firmware to continuously improve the device and let it get smarter, all available in our exclusive software EMEETLINK.

Intelligent Conferencing Solutions for Various Coverage


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